Hand-Made Lettering

Wisdom Wear was created to make merchandise with art worthy of reading. All products portray an original piece of hand-made lettering art that represent important quotes of very famous personalities including many scientists, musicians and philosophers. Take your time to explore our store and find the products that most suit your personality.

Multimedia collage

Lyrics in Lettering

Lyrics in Lettering

Everyone loves music, but not everyone listens to what the musician has... 

Science in Lettering

Science in Lettering

Scientists dedicate their lives to the acquisition and interpretation of facts, converting... 

Lettering process

  • Meaningful Quotes

    Every quote used on Wisdom Wear merchandise was personally selected by the artist to promote and propagate deep thought. Among our most quoted personalities you will find Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Aristotle, Nikola Tesla, Bob Dylan, and many more.

  • Comfortable Clothing

    Just as important as the message, the textiles used for the t-shirts are of the highest quality, guaranteeing comfort to whoever wears them. Wisdom Wear apparel is perfect for any occasion, whether it is relaxing at home or out and about on the town.

  • Additional Merchandise

    Wisdom Wear is not limited to t-shirts and outerwear; it also offers a variety of additional merchandise, such as water bottles, mugs, notebooks, and posters. By teaming up with InsaneApparel and Fan of the Sea, we are able to bring you novel designs with a unique twist.